Rotterdamse Rugby Club

What a game! And I know because I was there….

The culmination of 3 months work resulted in the best team performance and 17 best individual performances this season. We demonstrated a 25 point improvement on our performance last December and showed that we are improving week on week at this point in the season. Is there room to go further? Of course. And I am confident, based on the progress we have made recently that we will take the lessons learned today forward in the rest of this season and beyond.

Thank you;

Anthony - tireless support and encouragement

Adrienne - countless hours or adminstration and wise words

Steve - the perfect example to us all of his commitment to improve and improve others

Patrick - for swinging his weekend around and supporting the team

And special thanks to the players...

Jarod - quality performance

Lloyd - controlled agression

Tao - held that front row together

Tom K - never stopped working

Bob - a leader in the pack

Luc W - all over his opponent

Allard - low tackles great runs

Jori - went forward all day

Carle - cool under pressure

Niels - tackled and tackled carried well

Collin - organized and organizing, always a threat

Sebastiaan - brave, determined, dynamic

Jolan - great maturity never gave an inch

Josh - covered all day and kicked well

Maurice C - the jackal man who played number 15 as if he has played it all his life

Tom S - gave us quality off the bench

Teun - in for Lloyd and gave it his all

Ivo - not used, but there for the team with his size 42's

It is a privilege to work with you all.

And I know because I was there...

And if you were there too - thank you. It means a lot to the guys what you make possible.



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