Become a member

To become a member of the Rotterdamse Rugby Club you will need to fill in a digital application form. Please use the following link to find the form:

Click here for the online application form


A few important remarks concerning your application form and your membership:

  • After submission of the application form, the form will be checked and processed. Once this has been completed you will receive confirmation of your subscription and from that moment you are a true member of our club.
  • Within 6 weeks after the confirmation of your subscription, you can terminate your You will only be liable to pay the administration fee of € 25, for which the treasurer will send you an invoice.
  • After 6 weeks you will become a full member of our club and you will be liable to pay the full subscription fee and the one-off administration fee. The treasurer will send you an invoice for this.
  • You membership runs until the end of the season, after which it will be extended automatically for another season. In case you would like to terminate your subscription you will have to give notice before the 1st June prior to the next season. You need to send an email to
  • As a member of our club you can of course participate in training sessions and matches, however we would very much appreciate your further voluntary contribution in club activities. This could vary from supporting our training staff, helping us maintaining our accommodation, organising events, etc. Only with the help of our volunteers we can make our club a happy place.