Rotterdamse Rugby Club

Member registration: Explanatory

We welcome you as a member of the Rotterdamse Rugby Club!

General information:

Match days:

Seniors and Colts play matches on Sundays.

The remaining teams play their matches on Saturdays.

Training nights:

Benjamins, Mini’s, Cubs, juniors, colts and seniors practise on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The Turven only practise on Thursday evening.

Good to know:

Becoming a member:
Each applicant for membership (all categories) shall complete an application form.
A membership comes with rights and responsibilities.
This includes a one time entry administration fee and an annual membership fee.
Part of this fee goes to the Dutch Rugby Union. (NRB)

If you are unable to comply you can contact our treasurer. Members who have a below minimum income can claim a grant from the Rotterdam city council.

  • Fill in the complete application form clearly.
  • You will remain a member until you end the membership in writing, this is to be done before the 1st of June of each year and applies to the following season.
  • If you want to change clubs midseason, you have to end your membership with the previous club in writing and fill in an application form of RRC.
  • You can register as an introduction guest, this means you will pay a €15 fee in cash when you hand in the application form. You can then participate in our training sessions for a time period of 6 weeks to see if playing rugby at RRC suits you.
  • In the 6th week you indicate whether you do, or do not wish to continue your membership. If you neglect to inform us, you will be charged with the remainder of the costs for the players card, plus an additional € 25 in administration costs. When you decide to stay with us you will get an invoice for the remainder of the membership fee minus the €15 you had already paid.
  • For member registrations made before the 31st of January of each season, the complete membership fee will be charged. Registrations made after this date will be half the fee, excluding NRB fees.

Of course being a member of RRC entails much more than merely attending meetings and playing matches. RRC can only function when all members contribute and also take on tasks of an organisational nature.

These include administrative and committee duties, but also assisting trainers, accompany  tours, act as First Aid at matches, referee duties, maintenance.

Many of these tasks are performed by members and parents of youth members.

These valuable voluntary contributions are vital for the club.
The Rotterdamse Rugby Club is you. Get involved!