Code of conduct

RRC code of conduct:

  • RRC members respect everyone that is acquainted with RRC
  • RRC members pay their contribution on time.
  • RRC members/ their parents/guardians are to comply to the obligations that come with the membership of RRC.
  • RRC members treat equipment and all facilities provided by the Club, belongings of other members or third parties with respect.
  • RRC members do not bring RRC or the game of rugby into disrepute.
  • RRC members abide by the laws and spirit of the club.
  • RRC members do not enter into any type of abuse/ bullying either on the pitch or off the pitch.(and inform a coach, adult or club official of any unacceptable treatment/abuse.)
  • RRC members do not steal and return found goods to the bar, home or away.
  • RRC members see to it that property of RRC and of others are not damaged.
  • RRC members respect that property of the club remains property of the club.
  • RRC members are punctual, attend practise and matches, ensure any injury pre-training/match is reported immediately to the coach, thus recognising and appreciating the efforts of coaches, match officials, parents and other players.
    Note that everyone present on RRC premises should respect this conduct.
  • We request all present at practise hours and matches to keep comments, glasses and tobacco within the terrace boundaries, baring in mind our licences and safety and to avoid disturbance and distraction of the players.