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RRC Oldboys – Old Belvedere, waar Old boys weer jonge jongens werden

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Old Boys 17052014

Hi Luke,

On behalf of the Old Belvedere Golden Oldies Group I would like to thank everybody in Rotterdam RFC for  the wonderful hospitality extended to us during our visit last Saturday. It was a memorable day for all of us and every single guy on the tour has e-mailed me since stating without exception that they were overwhelmed by the friendship and hospitality extended by RRFC and especially by Wim, John, Liesbeth and yourself. We all sincerely hope that we can continue the party when hopefully you pay a return visit in November. We  won't be able to provide the same wonderful weather in November but we will do our best in all other aspects.

Regards and many thanks again,

Brian Molloy,

Prachtig fotoverslag door Wilco Boot van een zeer geslaagde dag,

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Foto’s seizoensopening

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Foto's Wilco Boot


Gala 2012 foto’s Rinus Vuik

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Meer foto's hier

Met dank aan café de Postbank en


Foto’s Touch toernooi 14-04-2012

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Foto's Wilco Boot


Foto’s touchtoernooi

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14 teams verdeeld over twee poules streden vandaag tegen elkaar op het RRC touchtoernooi.

Foto's Ton v.d. Weg


Presentation Night 2011

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Gisterenavond was de Presentation Night in de Queen of the Sunset.
De volgende personen zijn in de prijzen 2010/2011 gevallen:

Player of the year: Tristan Zaan
Best Colt of the year award: Danny Schepers
Female player of the year award: Mojgan (Mos) Noushazar
2nd team player of the year award: Martijn (Mier) van Mier
Newbie of the year award: Bas Oostveen
Most dedicated player of the year award: Robert-Jan (Tito) van Dijk
Supporter(s) of the year award: familie Gouw
Break-a-leg award: Gijs (Grote Gijs) Visser

Foto's van deze avond op de facebook pagina van The Queen of the Sunset
Foto's van Miranda

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